Jug Reglabil Sherco Xtrig Kayaba

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Jug Reglabil Sherco Xtrig Kayaba


The latest additions to the Racing Parts catalogue will bring a little more ‘bling’ to Sherco owner’s bikes with two bolt-on parts to match those used by factory riders like Mario Roman and Hamish Macdonald on their race bikes.

Sure, it’s about looking good but more importantly, the ROCS X-Trig triple clamps and shock preload adjuster also bring more adjustability within easy reach so you can tailor the suspension and handling to suit conditions.

The new X-Trig forks triple clamps allow the motorcycle caster angle (off-set) to be quickly changed for faster or slower steering depending on the type of terrain (fast or a technical circuit).

ROCS tech triple clamp kit KYB 48mm fork
upper diameter 54mm, bottom 59,3mm
offset 22mm
fits on: model year 2019-
Sherco 250 / 300 / 450 / 500 SEF Factory
Sherco 250 / 300 SE Factory
Sherco 125 / 250 / 300 SC Factory
Sherco 250 / 300 / 450 / 500 SCF Factory

ROCS X-Trig triple clamps technical highlights:
Adjustable through 20 to 22mm (Factory setting is 20mm)
Improved responsiveness of the fork
Higher resistance to turning and anti-deformation of the fork tubes when tightening the clamps
Better rigidity of the front axle for optimal operation of the fork
Adjustable handlebar mount positions (x3)
High-quality machining and finishing of the reinforced aluminium
Developed in collaboration with factory race teams
Indicator located on the upper tee to show the off-set chosen
Supplied with the lower bearing mounted on the steering column.
The diagonal cut of the lower crown allows the tightening to be evenly distributed to avoid any deformation of the fork tubes.
Tightening torques indicated on the clamps
Straight replacement for the original clamps
Sherco Factory team colour anodising



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