Kit ambreaj Rekluse Sherco

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Kit ambreaj Rekluse Sherco

Kit Placi Ambreaj Performant Rekluse Torque RMS-2808001

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Rekluse Torq-Drive Clutch Pack – Sherco


A high performance manual clutch is now more accessible than ever with the TorqDrive Clutch Pack. Its as easy as changing your clutch plates into your OEM components. Proven at the highest levels of racing, TorqDrive thin friction disk technology allows more disks to fit in your OEM clutchs footprint, decreasing slip and unlocking the full power of your engine. TorqDrive Technology also provides increased clutch life and decreased clutch fade. The additional friction disks provide an average of a 25 percent gain in torque capacity over stock, while reducing lever pull by an average of 10 percent. Figures vary by model. TorqDrive delivers stronger drive throughout the power band, unlocking the bikes power without any expensive motor mods. Rekluse basket sleeves eliminate basket wear and notching. Whether you are setting track records or shredding your favorite trail, the TorqDrive Clutch Pack will give you the advantage you are looking for.



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